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23 August 2020

For the complete set of Escuela Plus resources, visit the Digital Learning Page.

Escuela Plus Digital Learning FAQs
8.12.20 rev

1. Will there be teacher-facilitated learning or just online learning?

The Escuela Plus digital learning platform will provide opportunities for both
teacher-lead instruction, as well as small group learning in the digital setting.
Teachers will also be available for virtual tutorial sessions Monday through
Thursday for students seeking additional support.
Our educators continue to work hard to adapt the curriculum to ensure our
geniuses maintain their high level of achievement.

2. What platform is being utilized?

Escuela Plus will use the Google Classroom Suite: .
Google Classroom is an intuitive, digital learning environment with access to
various educational tools that are used by schools throughout the world. There
will be no shortage of educational resources at our disposal. Your gmail email
and password for the Escuela Plus Google Classroom platform will be verified
prior to launch. In addition to Google Classroom, students will also have access
to IXL, Brain Pop and Flocabulary, if assigned by the classroom teacher.

3. What are the requirements to be successful in a digital learning

Let’s answer that from a technical perspective and a supervisory perspective.
● Technical: Each student will need a device that can connect to the internet.
We recommend using productivity devices (i.e. laptops, tablets, desktops,
cloudbooks) versus mobile devices (i.e. iPhones, Galaxy Notes). For
students in 4th Grade and up, a device with a keyboard is strongly
recommended. Printers are not required, but you may find it useful to have
one available to print assignments.
● Supervisory: We ask that parents/guardians set-up their child’s learning
space 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the virtual
instruction. Ensure that your child is seated in a quiet, well-lit location and
that the device is adequately charged or plugged in. If your family will have
more than one child participating in virtual learning at the same time, it is
recommended that the students are set up in different rooms in your house
so that there will not be feedback in the event that both students are
unmuted in their virtual classroom at the same time.

4. How much parental supervision will be required?
During the direct instruction periods (the time slots designated as “VC” on the class schedule), we do not expect that there will be too much parental oversight needed. Parents will need to ensure that their child is set-up properly with their device and that they are ready to begin instruction promptly at the start of class.

While the children are receiving instruction from their teachers, parents should remain nearby (within earshot), but should not interrupt instruction. For families with students in the lower grades (1st Grade and below), we encourage parents to check back in with their children toward the latter part of the teaching session to ensure that they hear what assignments the teacher is assigning for the day.
During the assignment completion periods (the time slots designated as “HB” on the class schedule), the amount of parental supervision and participation will vary based on the child’s ability level and stage of development. We encourage
parents to go over the assignment with their child to ensure their child knows how to complete the assignment. Once that has been confirmed, parents should leave their child to complete the assignment independently.
Ultimately, please keep in mind that the level of parental involvement will vary
based on your child’s developmental stage, skill level and individual teacher

5. Will each child need their "own dedicated device" to use?

It is preferable for each student to have their own device for use during digital
instruction. If you need a device, the school has a limited number of devices for
loan. If you need to utilize a device, please email Ms. Kristen at: to request the device and coordinate pick-up.

6. Will the device need a keyboard and working camera?

It is preferable that the device has a working keyboard and camera, however, for the younger students, a tablet without a dedicated keyboard should be fine as they will likely not be required to type substantial amounts of information, if any.
For the older students (4th Grade and up), a keyboard will be needed. A camera is strongly recommended so that the teacher can see your child, however, it is not mandatory as the most important aspect of the instruction is your child being able
to view their teacher.

7. Will you need to download an app?

While downloading the App is not required, it is recommended for ease of access and ease of uploading assignments. Google Classroom does offer applications
for the iOS and Android operating systems.

8. Are there any incidentals or materials that we should have available at home
to support our students in the digital learning environment?

While materials needed will vary based on teacher requirements and
preferences, we can suggest that you ensure that your child has access to the
following items in addition to their internet-connected device: pencils with
erasers, pens, markers, crayons, lined paper for written assignments and blank
paper for artwork. As stated above, printers are not required, however, you may
find it easier to have a printer available to print assignments as you see fit, based
on your child’s needs and your preferences.

9. What should we expect with regard to the daily schedule?

Please refer to the attached printable schedule.

10.Is there a set classroom time?

Yes, there are set schedules for each class. It is important to maintain a routine.

11. What if my child has to miss a class session?

Please see the attached schedule.
If a class does not align with your child’s schedule, the lessons will be recorded
for 2nd Grade and up and available for viewing at a later time. By participating in
the platform, families of students in 2nd Grade and above implicitly agree to their
child being recorded during the classroom sessions. The recordings will only be
utilized for Escuela community access for educational purposes. Recordings will
be taken down from the platform with regularity. If you do not wish for your child to
be recorded, either you or your child should turn off the camera on the device your
child will be utilizing for class.
For 1st Grade and below, the sessions will not be recorded because we cannot be sure that the younger students will be able to appreciate the importance of
ensuring the camera remains off, in the case of families who do not wish for their child to be recorded. If your child needs to miss a class session for whatever reason, please contact their teacher and advise her. She will ensure that your
child receives any information needed that was covered in the missed session(s).

12.What subjects and/or disciplines are being offered?

The Escuela Plus digital experience will include teacher-facilitated instruction in
mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, spanish, and auxiliary
Please refer to the attached printable schedule for additional detail and the
contact information for your child’s teacher.

13.Will tests be administered during this virtual learning period?

Yes. Language Arts and Math assessments will be administered every Friday.
Testing may take place via various formats. Google Classroom Suite provides various assessment tools that your child’s teacher may choose to utilize. The format utilized for testing will be left to the sound discretion of the classroom
Some teachers may utilize an online platform such as IXL to conduct
assessments. Some teachers may administer tests in real time as they would in
the regular classroom setting and correct the tests via the platform immediately
after the test is completed. There will be no shortage of testing and grading
options available.

14.Will my child receive homework?

Yes. Teachers will assign homework each day and will provide instructions on how to complete the assignment, when the assignment is due and how the completed assignment should be submitted.
Similar to our campus-based learning model, parents will remain responsible for monitoring homework assignments for quality control and ensuring their

15. How will children's questions be answered?

The students will be able to raise their hand and, when recognized by their
teacher, pose the question directly to the teacher in real time. Students (and
parents, in the case of younger students), can also type questions into the Google Classroom chat and submit them to the teacher who will respond to them orally or in the chat.

16. Will the homework and tests be graded and returned to us?

Yes. As noted above, the teachers will make individual determinations as to how they would like to receive assignments and how they wish to grade them. They will also determine in what manner they will advise parents as to their child’s performance and progress.

17.Will an orientation be provided to get families acclimated/answer questions?

Yes. During the Virtual All-Parent Meeting on August 17, we will provide a virtual learning platform orientation. We will also post a video that demonstrates how to access the platform for later reference, as needed.

18.Will there be opportunities for social interaction via the platform?

We understand that one of the most valuable aspects of school is peer social interaction. There will be opportunities for the students to see and interact with each other when they are receiving direct instruction from their teachers and when they are in their small learning groups. Because of bandwidth and personnel limitations, we cannot offer opportunities for pure social interaction via the platform, i.e., play dates. However, we do encourage parents to independently utilize other platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime, etc., to create opportunities for social interaction for their children with their peers.

19.Will there be opportunities for individualized tutoring sessions via the

 Yes. There will be teacher tutorial sessions available for any student in need
Monday through Thursday at the end of the instructional day. Please see the
schedule for more detail.

20.Do you have any best practices that you would recommend?

Yes. The virtual learning instructional environment should be treated like school.

We recommend that students should get up an hour prior, eat a nutritious
breakfast, dress, brush their teeth, behave as if they are going to school, and be prompt.

Students should be seated at a desk or table in a quiet area of the home, free of stimuli, media or other distractions. We do not recommend enabling children to engage in schoolwork from the comfort of their beds.

Once the instruction begins, we recommend that you place your microphone on mute and show your child how to turn the microphone on and off. This will eliminate unnecessary background noise and ensure that the teacher can be heard by all students. As a rule, students should remain on mute, unless and until their teacher has called on them to speak, answer a question posed by the
teacher, or for the student to ask the teacher a question.

Students should be allowed to take breaks. You will notice that the schedule liberally allows for breaks. However, if your child needs additional breaks, they should take them as needed. If your child needs to take a break during teacher-led instruction, s/he should request permission from the teacher in the way they would in the usual classroom setting. It would be best to ensure that
your child has recently used the restroom prior to their scheduled instructional time so as to avoid losing valuable teacher-facilitated learning time. During the breaks and lunch period, there should be no access to television or social media.
Treat the time as a school recess period or lunch break.
Remember, families all over the world are in a similar situation. We are all in this together and we are all learning together. We are not going to have perfect days, but the above guidelines should assist as we navigate this endeavor. Feel free to reach out to the Virtual Learning Taskforce if you have questions at any time. We
can be reached at: .

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23 August 2020

Escuela Plus Digital Learning Schedule for Parents

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