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Enriching leading academics through strong parent participation and extracurricular experiences.

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We heard you Fam. Our families were experiencing popcorn fatigue and we were competing with Costco and grocers, often with the same products. So, this year, we will try something new.

EPPO has chosen Charleston Wrap as our fundraising partner for Fall 2020. Charleston Wrap is a premier fundraising provider offering kitchen & home gifts in addition to holiday gift wrapping. 

Additional information will be provided in early September.

If selling is not your thing, you can opt out by donating $250 ($300 for multi-student families)

EPPO GOAL: $20,000 net


What better way to build a village than to actively give towards the institution that drives academic excellence. Our campaign will start at the beginning of the school year since it is never too early to show our love and donate early. Each family is asked to contribute a minimum of $350 USD.

EPPO GOAL: $30,000 net

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